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Power Plants, Wind Farms, and Solar FarmsRick Hendrix Energy has quickly proven its outstanding position in supplying new and used power plants and generators to the world market. The company takes pride in offering up to 40% discounts on competitor prices on new and used power plants for the ever-growing demand.

The company works diligently to provide fast, money-saving, and dependable power solutions. As populations increase, so does the demand for electricity both within the United States and abroad.  With the demand for used power equipment continuing to rapidly increase, Rick Hendrix Energy is poised to meet that need as it assists in natural disasters and energy crises around the globe with quick, reliable and cost-saving power options. Read more about Rick Hendrix Energy.

Rick Hendrix Energy has a network of distribution points around the world for fast delivery of new and used power plants and equipment.  The company responds quickly to the needs of the community.  The company also prides itself on its work in the Green Energy sector, with the development of waste-to-energy, wind farms, solar farms, and zero-emissions coal-plant technology.

Rick Hendrix Energy offers a variety of services, customized to meet each customer’s energy needs. From engineering and planning, to installation, training, and operation, the company can accommodate your power requirements.  Be it oil, gas, diesel, wind, solar, zero-emissions coal, marine or mobile, Rick Hendrix Energy has a solution for you.  Contact Rick Hendrix Energy today to discuss your needs, or request a quote for your energy solution.

About Dr. Rick Hendrix, Our CEO

Dr. Rick Hendrix, CEO

In January of 2007, Dr. Rick Hendrix formed Henergy Global Turbines and moved the power company to the music town of Nashville, Tenn. near his film and entertainment headquarters. The company opened offices in Washington D.C., and now bears the name of its owner and CEO as Rick Hendrix Energy. As the chief executive officer and owner, Hendrix takes a hands-on approach as a leader and provides economical solutions for supplying the growing demands for power across the world. He was elected a Delegate in 2008, following a Lifetime Achievement Award given by President Bush and advised presidential political candidates on faith in 2008. Hendrix completed his Doctorate in Theology and a Master’s in Education at North Carolina College of Theology. He is the founder of the Rick Hendrix Foundation that operates shelters, food and medical assistance in the country of Nigeria.