About Rick Hendrix Energy

Providing Quick Solutions to Power Needs

Rick Hendrix Energy is focused on providing fast and reliable power solutions around the world and supporting oil and gas field operations. We are positioned to assist any country or region with quick power generation from 1MW to 2,000MW of power. Our oil and gas field engineers are set to build new pipelines or assist in the reconstruction of existing oil and gas fields. Increasingly, Rick Hendrix Energy offers our clients renewable energy alternatives to achieve environmental responsibility with our solar panels, wind turbines, zero emissions coal plant technology and waste-to-energy power plants.

About Dr. Rick Hendrix, CEO

Dr. Rick Hendrix, CEO of Rick Hendrix EnergyIn January of 2011, Dr. Rick Hendrix purchased Henergy Global Turbines and moved the 10-year-old power company to the rural music town of Nashville, Tenn. The company was acquired by the Hendrix acquisitions department in Washington, D.C., and now bears the name of its owner and CEO as Rick Hendrix Energy. As the chief executive officer and owner, Hendrix takes a hands-on approach as a leader and provides economical solutions for supplying the growing demands for power across the world. Dr. Hendrix maintains an important presence in the political system in the United States. He was elected a Delegate for President Obama in 2008 following a Lifetime Achievement Award given by President Bush. Hendrix completed his doctorate at North Carolina College and plans to study legal issues and government at Harvard University. He is the founder of the Rick Hendrix Foundation.

Our Strengths Ensure Your Reliability

Hospitals:  Providing consecutive, stable power to life-saving instruments and devices.

Military:  Securing quality military-grade power for weapons, devices, civil defense, housing and communications.

Power Plants:  Making sure your customers are never in the dark with 100% standby power units.

Banks:  Ensuring discreet, low-noise, anti-interference power generators.

Oil Fields:  Engineering complete power solutions for oil and gas exploration and new field construction.

Outdoors Events:  Providing power for large concerts, rallies, and sporting events.

Skyscrapers/Buildings:  Maintaining continuous, reliable power for computers, HVAC and tenants.

Elevators:  100% continuous power supply to all elevator shafts ensures safety and reliability.

Hotels:  Making sure conferences are uninterrupted and guests have an enjoyable stay by providing reliable and worry-free power for the varying needs of the hotel industry.